Make your dreams a reality and just do it anyway!

by chasereign

It can be amazing how our minds will protect us. But it’s also amazing how we can be our biggest set back. Sometimes its best if the thing we find ourself over analyzing and preparing for to just do it. We as humans are designed not to do anything that will put us in danger. The beauty of this is it keeps up alive sane and for the most part protected. The danger of this is our brains and bodies physiology doesn’t know the difference between what is actually dangerous vs. what we have created as a perceived danger in our minds.

Mel Robbins a motivational speaker ( I use motivation lightly) developed a rule called “the five second rule” and a phrase “just do it anyway.” Essentially, motivation is crap. We are almost never gonna want to do the things that are hard even if we know its for a our benefit. For some reason when we over think our brain thinks we are in danger. We thus create a habit loop of overthinking creating extra stress and danger in our lives that don’t even exist. This is a MAJOR PROBLEM. We have to stop. So if you have not please look up “the five second rule” by Mel Robbins.

To further explain my personal journey over the past three years I’ve constantly second guessed and put myself in a state of fear. I wondered The who, what, when, where, why and hows a thousand times. And each time I halted. I would Rev the engine and leave it in park. Well, today I decided to do it anyway. I decided to not make my dreams come true but to just be the “Reality.” I hope this site inspires you to think past yourself but in conjunction with it. I have and you should too! So, welcome to my page and expect a lot… it will be amazing!


Chase Reign

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