Fiction is Fantasy, Fantasy can be Reality

by chasereign

So Im in a new place in life. Getting older (Dirty Thirty Club.) We all find ourselves looking into becoming better people and living our dreams a.k.a. the FANTASY. PLAYS MARIAH CAREY….

But when we lie to ourselves the Fantasy is actually fiction. For example making someone who’s not good for you… “good food you!” Fiction.

However, you can make your Dreams a reality with diligent work. I use diligent because some dreams aren’t hard they just area matter of being consistent. Thus, Fantasy can be a Reality. If you ready to be real to yourself and truly break the looking glass of your own rose colored lenses. Often times its life is much better in focus vs through a filter [fight ya mamma (dont really do that)]…. so until we meet again.

May you Reign.


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